Celebration Assembly


Every Friday afternoon, everyone at Portway gathers together to hear about some of the good things that have been happening during the week. Several children from every class are nominated for a Pride of Portway award, which they receive in assembly after their teacher has told the whole school about all the good things they have done that week. Pride of Portway awards are given for being resilient and showing 'grittiness' when learning, making excellent behaviour choices, supporting a friend in need or excelling in a lesson or activity during the week.

We also hear from our lunchtime staff about the children who are this week's 'Wizard' or Portway Playleader. Children who receive these awards have been seen making excellent decisions during lunchtime and breaktime play.

Celebration Assembly is also when we hear about the housepoint totals for the week. Housepoints are given for good work, making good behaviour choices, being helpful or polite. It is very important to remember that 'every housepoint counts' as sometimes the scores are very close indeed! The winning House at the end of every term wins a dress down day and a bun iced in their house colour!

Other news we celebrate on a Friday includes our recent sports successes, individual achievements and sometimes we are treated to a musical performance by one of our pupils.

Finishing the week together like this really helps us all to see the wealth of talent we have at Portway. We really do have children that we can be proud of!