Y4 at Hooke Court Day 1!



Well it's been a busy evening! We have explored the life of a  Roman soldier and designed and made mosaics. We then chilled out in front of a DVD (The Lego Movie, or The BFG depending on what house you are in) and then got ourselves sorted out for bed. We all got a bedtime story from a member of staff and were tucked in for the night, just as the Tooth Fairy did her rounds! Everyone has been amazing and drifted off pretty well. We can now hear the owls hooting and some gentle snoring - here's hoping for a peaceful night! The internet really is VERY slow so please bear with us for pics! 

It's gone midnight now so we are off to bed and we'll see you (bright and early no doubt!) tomorrow. 




Hi all. It’s been a busy afternoon. We made our beds, had lunch and got cracking on some team building activities really quickly. We have rolled ammonites down guttering pipes, got everyone to one side of a ‘river’ using only plastic mats and arranged ourselves in date of birth order on planks of wood. So far it’s been a great afternoon and the children have all done themselves proud with helping and supporting each other. Already they are proving themselves to be kind, understanding and empathetic friends. The sky is beginning to turn a lovely shade of blue as well so things are looking GOOD! We hope to upload some pics soon. The WiFi isn’t as strong here as at school so they may take a while to upload. Please be patient with us, we will get there! We are all okay though and having a fabulous time.