Y4 at Hooke Court Day Two!


Thursday evening update. 

Tonight’s dinner was a delicious and noisy affair - sausages with roast potatoes and veg followed by, and this was very exciting, chocolate cake and chocolate custard. When the chef revealed pudding, there was a spontaneous cheer and round of applause! 

We have spent the evening learning about the life of a Roman soldier and we have practised some of the exercises soldiers would have done. These included  practising target throwing with bean bags, collecting ‘logs’ and running these round a circuit as well as moving ‘hot rocks’ down a guttering pipe. It was a busy evening and we decided that actually Romans were very fit because they had done all that exercise with all their heavy armour on! We learnt about the reasons for different parts of the armour and volunteered Miss Staff and Mr Clark to dress up and model this for us. I’m sure there are pictures to share somewhere! 

Our mosaic making has also been a great success and we will all be bringing home our own small mosaic to show you. These will come back to school with us and we’ll sort them out early next week.  

Tonight everyone had a shower and we have taken care to pack our bags and to go to bed a little earlier as we are quite tired! Please be aware that, despite our very best efforts, children are likely to come home with their own clothes but also some belonging to others. It is quite tricky keeping everything contained! Some children (and some of the grown ups!) may also be a little emotional when they see you as we have been very busy for very long days. We’ve had a brilliant time and everyone has been amazing at everything they have done. The Hooke Court staff have continued to be impressed with our knowledge of the Roman Era, our willingness to work as teams and our lovely manners - there have been lots of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and the chef was given nearly 75 high fives as children thanked him for the amazing pudding! 

We’d also like to let you know that we all agreed (children included) to save our sweets until Friday night because, when we checked the labels, we were unable to guarantee that all the goodies were from a nut-free factory. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, the safety of all of our children is paramount and we were not prepared to compromise on this. The children demonstrated real maturity and understanding in this collective decision and instead have been treated to extra large and extra delicious puddings from the amazing chef here, as well as extra stories and extra time before ‘lights out’. And now, of course, they realise that they have treats to look forward to when they get home tomorrow! 

Tomorrow we are looking forward to targeting our teachers (and by ‘teachers we all mean Miss Windross!) with our home made catapults and to making aqueducts. 

Along with our completely amazing children, I also need to say a big thank you to our amazing Portway staff; they continue to be among the best I have worked with. Miss Patterson, Miss Abbott, Mr Kirby, Mrs Staff, Mrs Fettes, Mr Clark, Miss McSherry and Miss Staff have worked tirelessly all hours of the day and night to ensure our children have had a great time. They have read stories, given hugs, brushed hair and listened endlessly and have worked so very hard to make sure everyone has been looked after brilliantly. I am very glad to work with such an amazing team both here and back at school.

Anyway, almost time for ‘adult lights out’ so there’s only time to say that we aim to be back at school around 3:40 tomorrow afternoon. Please wait in the hall for us as the teachers will bring children off the coaches and to the hall. You can then collect your children and afterwards go to collect their bags which will have been unloaded from the coaches and lined up on the pavement. Please make sure that you tell the member of staff that you are taking your child as we will worry if anyone just disappears. 

I really hope that all makes sense! We’ll hope to add a couple of updates tomorrow but I need to sign off now because I really am very tired!! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 


It’s been a full on day & we have been very busy! We’ve practised Roman marching, learnt what ‘decimate’ means & used Roman shields to form a testudo. We’ve also made and tasted Roman pottage, date & apricot sweets & sweetbread and have worked so amazingly well together! After lunch, we gathered together and took it in turns to make Roman clay lamps, translate our names into Latin and write these with real ink and a Roman stylus. We also wove material together & created some jewellery in just the ways that Romans would have done. We have learned an awful lot and have impressed the Hooke Court staff with our extensive knowledge of the Roman period. We have also faced new challenges and supported and helped each other, showing kindness and compassion which are valuable traits to have. Some of these new challenges have been about being away from home and school, learning how to organise ourselves and trying new foods - lots of us have done this and have felt very proud! 

Tonight we are learning about life in the Roman army. This includes taking part in lots of Roman sports which will hopefully help us to sleep amazingly well tonight! 

Anyway, off to upload this. Be back soon. 

And we're off! 

The day has begun well - the sun is shining, the sky is blue and everyone remembered to wear the required number of layers beneath their Roman outfits! It turns out that, once we'd all dropped off, everyone slept well and all are bright and chirpy this morning. Breakfast happened smoothly and everyone tucked in well and loved that it involved two courses - we are being spoiled - and someone has already been heard to say "I wish I lived at Hooke Court - I love this!" 

After breakfast we all took some time to pose for photos and hopefully you can see these below. Groups have now gone off to the Roundhouse to learn about Roman cooking and jewellery making, whilst others have disappeared to explore Roman soldiering. 

We will check back in later when we have a bit of time. I am sure you can appreciate how busy we are but rest assured that all is good and everyone is enjoying themselves and smiling a lot! 

Take care. 




Up until 5 minutes ago, the only sound to be heard were the Hooke Court owls. Now the Hall is filled with the sound of girls talking, saying good morning and greeting each other with morning hugs! The boys’ corridor still looks fairly quiet but I am sure we can change that soon! Breakfast is at 8 and then we are off for our day as Roman soldiers! Everyone is well and excited for the new day.