The Jungle in Year 4!


On Wednesday 15th January, Year 4 had a very important visitor; his name was Jonathan. He has a ‘Jungle Roadshow’ and has 300 pets in his house! He brought in two tarantulas to show us – a baby one and an adult male one called Elvis! The baby tarantula didn’t have a name yet as Jonathan didn’t know its gender yet. When Jonathan brought Elvis out, he let the spider climb a table leg and the window in the door so we could see how well he could climb on smooth surfaces. 

We also saw a snake called Goldie. We all got to hold Goldie together so that we could feel how smooth his skin was and how powerful he was.  We got to have a snake lick on the nose or our hand – it felt all tickly! Then we saw a gecko called Milo and he could lick his eyeball!

After all of this, Jonathan got all the classes together and showed us all a scorpion that glowed under a UV light! We also saw his tail-less whip scorpion or a whip spider – it was sooooo cool! What a fantastic day we had! We want to say a very big thank you to Jonathan for coming and teaching us so much and also a thank you to our teachers for organising the lesson. We had a great time!

Megan, Matthew & Kathryn