Harrow Way


If you are moving on to  Harrow Way Community School then you might find these resources helpful. 

What is Harrow Way like? 

Harrow Way is a much larger school than Portway. You will move around for different lessons and you'll be taught by different teachers. The information below tells you a little bit about who's who at Harrow Way. If we receive any other information from Harrow Way, we will update it here. 

Who's Who at Harrow Way

This image will take you to a tour of Harrow Way. Click the picture to meet and be shown round virtually by  Mr Cole who was the Head of Year 7.

This year, the Head of Year 7 is Mr Carter and we hope to have more information (about him) to share with you soon. 


There is a lot of useful information in this video so it is a good one to watch as you can't go to have a look around as you might usually do. 



What do the students think about Harrow Way?

Finding out what other students think of their school is another good thing to do. Below are some videos made by students currently at Harrow Way. Click the links to find out more about their experience of school. 










 Who are the Year 7 tutors? 

Click the links below to see an introductory video from your  Year 7 tutor.


Mrs Downs 7ALD

Mrs  May 7CLM 

Mrs Roberts 7 HRM 

Mr Cleeves 7SJC 

Mrs Brown 7CAB

Mr Mannion 7DRM 

Mr Marsh 7JCM

Miss Priestman 7SKP 

What will I be learning? 

 To begin Year 7, you will be reading a book called 'Asha and the Spirit Bird'. Over the summer holiday you should receive some resources to do with this from Harrow Way. If you click the picture of the book below, you can watch a short YouTube clip of the author, Jasbinder Bilan, talking about her book. 

The link below will also take you to the World Book Day website where you can read more about the book and its author. 

Asha and the Spirit Bird 


What will the day be like and what will I need for lessons? 

Visual Timetable - click this link for information about how the day is structured. 

Equipment for school - click this link to find out what is useful for school 


What are lessons like at Harrow Way? 

 The curriculum leaders at Harrow Way have made short videos for the new Year 7 pupils to let them know what learning looks like for each of the subjects. Have a look at the links below to find out more about how you'll be learning from September. 

English, Maths and Science 

MFL, History, Geography and RE 

Performing Arts