Road Safety for Year 6 Transition


Your child is starting their journey to secondary school soon. These links here aim to support you with their safety to and from school - for some, this will be their first regular independent journey. 

The leaflet available at the link below is from The Road Safety Team and gives you ideas about how you can help them to stay safer on the journeys to and from school. 

Year 6 Road Safety leaflet

There are also some videos that the leaflet recommends as good to watch with children. One is Maisie's story - a true story about Maisie whose life was saved by her cycle helmet. Click below to watch it and to discuss with your children just how essential a cycle helmet is. 

Maisie's story 

Discussing the idea of expecting the unexpected  when crossing the road is an important concept and can be explained through watching the Department for Transport's new campaign video. You can watch this at the link below: 

Department for Transport campaign video

If you would like to plan and rehearse the route your child will take to their new school then email for a copy of the activity mentioned in their leaflet.