House Day 3


Today is the third of our House Days. These are a set of four days that we have throughout the year where, instead of working in our usual classes, we work in our house groups with children from all the other year groups.

Working in these groups helps us to develop good relationships with other pupils throughout the school, as well as get to know teachers that we haven't been taught by before.

The activities we do together help us in our teamwork and encouragement of each other. We also get the chance to develop our resilience, persistence, initiative, collaboration and empathy with each other. This is as well as considering our ambitions and flexibility of mind.

Our activities can be seen in the photos below but have included us using the parachute to play communication games, New Age Kurling, designing stage make up for the Lion King and performing excerpts from Lord of the Flies. We have used the theme of superheroes to consider if Shrek is a hero or villian and have completed an orienteering trail around the school, played games of cricket, as well as building rafts in teams.

Our fourth and final House Day will happen next half term and then every child throughout the school will have participated in every activity taught by every teacher! Quite an achievement for us all!