Y3 & Voices of Andover


Yesterday we went to the Lights to rehearse our songs – ‘Heart of Andover’ and ‘Favourite Things.’ We practised with our teachers and John K Miles who plays the flute and piano and helped us to write these songs. We sang with a live band which was amazing! We were even word perfect!

The accompaniment the band played went really well with what we sang and everybody sounded amazing! We’re performing it for real at The Lights tonight and we can even wear what we want for the performance – even including some bling! Have a look below to see some photos as well as some videos of how brilliant we all sound! Thank you our teachers for helping us to rehearse so well.               

Erin Franks and Erin White 

Year 3 rehearsal at school song 1

Year 3 rehearsal at school song 2

Year 3 rehearsal at The Lights