Good Morning Britain visits Portway!


The production team of Good Morning Britain came to Portway recently - it was a very early start! The crew arrived at 5:00am, along with Mr Deery and Mr Staff and began filming their regular weather broadcasts from different places around the school. Most of the staff had arrived by 6:30am and 250 children joined us at 6:50am - what a team! 

GMB were filming at Portway because one of their presenters - Richard Arnold - used to be a pupil here. They were filming a feature about The Daily Mile which is a national initiative aimed at helping children improve their fitness. We've been running/walking our miles for a while now - we call them 'The Golden Mile' and you might have heard your children talk about it. 

Although it was a very early start, it was great fun! There were opportunities to show off our fabulous school, a chance for pupils to demonstrate their flossing skills and, of course, running the miles themselves, down on our lovely field. All of that was shown nationally - Portway is famous! 

There are a few photos of our experience below. A big thank you to all the staff and pupils who were here so early, and to parents for being super-organised and doing that school run just as the sun was up! We couldn't have managed it without you!