Nicky Dee comes to Y3 & Y4!


On Monday 25th September, Nicky Dee will come to Portway to spend time with Year 3 and 4 pupils. She is a dedicated dinosaur expert and a huge fan of dinosaurs! Having fallen under the spell of these ever-popular and prehistoric creatures, Nicky became so obsessed that she even changed her career to write books about dinosaurs full time!

The books she writes follow a simple approach of ‘one book, one dinosaur’ and, through reading them, children find new insights, backed by the latest paleontological research, about how each dinosaur really looked, survived and thrived. The bite-sized chunks of text are written in child-friendly language and the dinosaur names are spelt phonetically, which is a great help to children and even teachers! If you want to find out more before she comes, then please look at –

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