Parents vs. Children 3!


One thing you hear a lot at Portway these days is the phrase "I can't do it ... YET!"

We have been learning about the power of that little word "YET" and have been discovering that, if we persevere through challenges, show resilience by not giving up and empathy by understanding how difficult other people can find things, we can be more 'gritty' in our learning. We've learnt that not everything is easy, that challenges are good and that, when we share our struggles with each other and collaborate, we can achieve more than we first thought! 

This is what everyone was practising last night at our third Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening - and it was our most successful yet! 

There were a whole range of activities to pit child against parent in an effort to prove who was the most resilient. Activities included flipping beer mats, wiggling after eight mints from your forehead to your mouth, eating doughnuts without using your hands, a penalty shootout, pick-up sticks, tiddly winks, hula hooping and many more!

This evening is all about our Growth Mindset approach to life. If we have a Growth Mindset we believe that we can improve our skills and knowledge by practising and persevering when we find things difficult. A growth mindset also helps us to be more successful with our relationships because we understand that we can learn from the mistakes that we make. To be reminded of what impact a growth mindset has on learning, click the link below to watch a very short video. 

Praise and Mindsets 

Thank you to everyone who came and made the evening so enjoyable and thanks to the staff for making it all possible. Below are some opinions from the evening and (of course!) some photos! And, when things are difficult, remember the power of that little word 'YET!'

"My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!" 

"Our family had a great time tonight - thanks Portway Juniors #ProudtobePortway"

"Thank you for a fab parents vs. pupils evening - it was our first time and we loved it. Roll on the next one!"

"Well done for another fab parent vs. child challenge. We all had great fun. Thanks for arranging it again - we can't wait for the next one!"

"A great fun evening. Thank you to all the staff at Portway that make these things happen."