Parents vs. Children Challenge 2018!


"A great evening - thanks to all the staff for putting on such a great evening! So much fun!" and "Amazing fun evening, even though I lost to 3 children!" are just a couple of the comments about our Parents vs. Children Challenge Evening!  

There were just under 100 families represented at school, competing against each other in a range of activities and the corridors echoed with laughter and competitive fighting spirit as everyone took on a new challenge! 

There were a range of activities including the traditional doughnut and after8 challenge and one based on social media. The beer mat flipping contest went well and the highest in 2 minutes was an incredible 33 mats! 

The evening kicked off with a presentation from Mr Ireland about how developing resilience, perseverance, collaboration and empathy help us to be better learners - whether we are adults or children! There is a leaflet about the Portway Growth Mindset beliefs and, if you haven't seen a copy you can click the link below. 

Growth Mindset at Portway 

The following short video clip is also a good reminder about why encouraging each other to persevere with challenges is important. 

Praise and Mindsets 

There are a few photos of our fun-filled evening below so please enjoy browsing them. We hope that, if you haven't been able to join us for a Challenge Evening yet, you will be able to soon. They really are lots of fun!