Plant For the Planet Academy


On Thursday 19th March a group of children from the Eco Team went to Andover Golf Club to train as Plant-For-the-Planet Ambassadors. Two Year 6s, Grace Davis and Izzy Taylor, led the day and the activities to train the new ambassadors; they gave up a lot of their own time practising. The day included games and activities to learn how trees use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which helps to reduce global warming. We also planted trees, made a presentation to parents and the Mayor, had a delicious lunch and enjoyed rolling down a hill! We hope that we can turn our action plan into a reality.

Stop talking, start planting!

Attendees: Sam Carter, Grace Davis, Izzy Taylor, Megan Nikolic, Molly Sexton, Lauren Campbell, Peter Sloan, Isaac Rodney, Elijah Day, Jessica Axam, Lily Clackson, Lilymae McNabe and Isabelle Jenkins.

 Written by Grace Davis, Izzy Taylor and Molly Sexton (Year 6)

You can see photos of our day below.

Plant For the Planet Academy