The Good, The Bad & The Donkey


This year our Drama and Glee Clubs have been working hard to stage a performance of The Good, The Bad and The Donkey, which they performed recently to a packed out school hall! 

They told the tale of a band of angels working hard to make miracles happen - like children doing the washing up and teenagers tidying their bedrooms - when they meet a group of devils who are equally busy causing mischief and set upon the plan to wreck the nativity story. Meanwhile, in the town, Caesar is becoming increasingly frustrated with his wife's spending and, in order to keep up with her extravagance, he loses his temper and promises to tax the whole world! 

The story continues on the road to Bethlehem where Mary and Joseph are making their way to the place where Joseph was born. Unfortunately they meet a tax collector who wants to charge them taxes to enter the city and the road fund licence and street cleaning fee for their donkey! Joseph expresses outrage at the cost and the Donkey is seized as payment for the taxes. The devils are pleased with the success of their plan to thwart the nativity and it seems like the battle between them and the angels will be a close one! 

Pleased with their success, the devils send everyone from a sales convention in Jerusalem to stay in Bethlehem; this fills up all the rooms in all the hotels and inns in the town. When Mary and Joseph arrive, the innkeeper has to turn them away. The angels decide to focus on the barmaid and appeal to her empathetic side and they persuade her to meet Mary and Joseph and offer them room in the stable at the back of the inn; this is where Jesus is born.

Meanwhile there are shepherds enjoying a card game or two on the hillside when they are visited by an angel who tells them that Jesus has been born. Following the angel's directions, they discover the baby Jesus in the stable and they worship him. Soon they are joined by several wise men who have followed the star from an eastern country and, they too, worship the baby, giving him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Just as the angels celebrate the fact that they have managed to outwit the opposition and save the nativity story, one of the devils whispers to King Herod to make a plan to kill all newborn baby boys. The angels cotton onto this quickly and wake Joseph from his sleep, telling him to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt where Jesus is able to be brought up in safety. As Joseph and Mary follow the angel's commands, the angels celebrate that they have saved the nativity and the cast celebrates the real meaning of Christmas.

Everyone did a thoroughly good job of presenting this humorous twist of the traditional Christmas story - Glee club sang brilliantly, adding a high quality musical side and the audience enjoyed the show, laughing in all the right places! Congratulations to everyone involved in the show - Drama Club, Glee Club, Mrs Watts, Mrs Hall-Cooper, Mrs Rist and Miss Windross - all that hard work during after-school clubs this term paid off! And a big thank you to ex-Portway student George for managing the technical side of things so brilliantly. 

It's great to celebrate Christmas in such an enjoyable way in school. There are some photos of the show below, we hope you enjoyed it if you came. Happy Christmas!