The Portway Code


Our Portway Code has changed for the start of this new school year. We have just three rules and these are: 

We have spent some assembly time exploring what these words mean and have identified this as 

Ready - in a suitable state for action - fully prepared 

Respectful - showing politeness to someone or a situation 

Safe - protected from danger and risk, not harmed 

We have explored what it looks like to be ready, respectful, safe around school, in the classroom, on the playground and in the dining room. 

As part of our focus on helping children understand how to manage their emotions and to be able to communicate well and respectfully when they make poor behaviour choices,  we have begun to use something we call ‘Restorative Conversations’. We have several questions that we work through every time we need to have one of these conversations:   We have published these on an early copy of the Portway Press but a reminder is below: 

1) What has happened? 

2) Who has been affected? 

3) How have they been affected? 

4) What needs to happen to make it right? 

5) What could be done differently next time? 


Each conversation always finishes with the adult affirming their commitment to the relationship with the child. These questions structure our conversations and help both the child and the adult to unpick the situation clearly, factually and also identify others who have been affected by the behaviour choice that has been made. When they are used consistently, they mean that the child is able to recognise how their choice has affected others and make better choices the next time round.