Times Table Rock Stars!


Mr Ireland's assembly about times tables was interrupted by the arrival of two rock stars who burst through the doors dressed in the highest rock star fashion and wielding top of the range rock guitars! 

They had abandoned their rock star lifestyle to come and tell us all about an exciting new website that will help us learn and practise our times tables. As you will know, knowledge of times tables is absolutely crucial to maths learning; being able to quickly recall multiplication facts helps us learn so many other areas of maths more easily. 

The rock star legends were ahead of the game and have already allocated log on information for every pupil (and teacher!) at Portway! They had also arranged for pupils' accounts to be accessible at home as well as at school to maximise opportunities! 

The competition is currently live and  we are all keen to know who will become the next garage rocker, breakthrough artist or rock hero - the challenge is on! 

Unfortunately Miss Freemantle and Mrs Watts were nowhere to be found and consequently missed the assembly and the visiting rock stars! Someone needs to fill them in about all the information they missed!

You can log in to practise by clicking the link below - can you get to the top spot?! 

Times Tables Rock Stars Log In