Christmas Virtual Balloon Race!


The Portway PTA is hosting its first ever CHRISTMAS virtual balloon race!

How does it work? It is very easy!


Click on ‘Buy a Balloon’

You can customise your balloon with a name, colour and message!

Balloons cost £3 each-and you can buy as many as you like!

The balloons will be launched at 12:00 noon on Tuesday 8th December 2021

The race will run for one week, during which time you will be able to log on    and check the progress of your balloon and watch the leader board.

The race will end at 12:00 noon on Tuesday 15th of December 2021

This competition is open to everyone so why not challenge your friends,    neighbours and family to a little eco-friendly balloon race competition?

Prizes will be awarded to the winners!

To register and buy your balloons, simply visit:


See Flyer for more details - press below:

Christmas Balloon Race Flyer