2019 School Council and Sports Captain's Elections!


The votes from the School Council and Sports Captains elections have been counted. All 12 elections were very close indeed!

We would like to congratulate EVERYONE who stood for election whether they won or not. We are very proud of them and they should be very proud of themselves. It takes a great deal of courage to stand for any elected post but it shows that democracy is alive and well at Portway!

2019-202 School Councillors and Sports Captains 

3AW - Leila Wood & Harry Noble 

Sports Captain - Callum Rutherford 

3AM -  Zack Dickerson & Thomas Jones 

Sports Captain - Harry Thomas

3CF - Leo Whitlock & Billy Wisniewski 

Sports Captain -Joshua Noyes 

4CA - Dotty Oostendorp & Lucy Odell 

Sports Captain - Ethen Lewis 

4MK - Katy-Leigh Mason & Drew Williams 

Sports Captain -  Newton Hindley

4EP - Evie Pratt & Morgan Palmer 

Sports Captain - Anna Scotney 

5HW - Callum Bell & Leighton Reid 

Sports Captain - Tyler Dickerson 

5CB - Piper Travell & Summer Falkner 

Sports Captain -Monty Nunan 

5RW - Toby Franks & Olivia Sacree 

Sports Captain -Alfie Mumford  

6JM - Oliver Bailey & Riley Smith 

Sports Captain - Teani-Jay Horne 

6MK - Phoebe Lisle & Hadia Sajjad

Sports Captain - Catherine Massey 

6TC - Aayan Talukdar & Sam Greenaway 

Sports Captain - Jasper Fry