2021 School Council and Sports Captain's Elections!


The votes from the School Council and Sports Captains elections have been counted. All 13 elections were very close indeed!

We would like to congratulate EVERYONE who stood for election whether they won or not. We are very proud of them and they should be very proud of themselves. It takes a great deal of courage to stand for any elected post but it shows that democracy is alive and well at Portway!

2021-2022 School Councillors and Sports Captains 

3AW - Olivia N & Chloe S

Sports Captain - Sam C

3KT -  Luna P & Daisy W 

Sports Captain - Alex W

3EC - Jasper C & Elsie H

Sports Captain -Alice H

4CA - Austin C & Bethany G

Sports Captain - Jacob W

4MK - Darcie M & Brooke N

Sports Captain -  Areeb H

4CF - Jessica P & Evolet F

Sports Captain - Fraser D 

4DI - Archie G & Riya M

Sports Captain - Harry H

5HW - Jack E & Cora T

Sports Captain -Faith M

5MK - Lexi C & Hayden R

Sports Captain - Isla B 

5AM - Leila W & Joshua N

Sports Captain - Roeby-Lee P 

6TC - Rose W & Chase S 

Sports Captain - Chloe B

6EP - Morgan P & Ava B

Sports Captain - Newton H

6JM  - Saffia H & Flavia H

Sports Captain - Dainton L