Information for children



Dear Everyone, 

We are REALLY looking forward to welcoming you to the juniors in September! We have been hearing such great things about you all! We know that it can feel a little bit scary moving to a new school, so we have a few links here that we hope might help you to feel a bit less nervous. We will add to these over time so do keep checking the page. 

We hope to see  you all soon! 

from everyone at Portway Junior School 


 What do the children think of life at Portway Juniors?

Click the picture to hear Cameron talk about what he  thinks the best thing about Year 3 is! 

Click the picture to find out, from Monty, what our teachers are like at the juniors! 


Click this picture to hear Roxy talk about her 3 top things about being in the juniors! 

 Look around the junior school 

This is a picture of our school logo. It is very similar to the one at Portway Infants School and is on our jumpers, cardigans and t-shirts. Our uniform colour is also blue. 


If you click on the picture, you can have a look around our school with one of our older pupils. You can also meet two teachers - Mr Deery, the Headteacher and Mr Ireland who teaches in the school. 



 What is Year 3 like?

This is Mrs  Walker who leads our Year 3 group. When you come to the juniors you will get to know her really well! 

Click on the photograph of Mrs Walker to hear a message she has recorded especially for you! 

 Our Year 3 teachers 

Click the pictures below to hear a message especially for you from your new Year 3 teacher! What can you learn about them?


Mrs Walker - Class 3AW

Miss Freemantle - Class 3CF

Miss Macleod - Class 3AM

Miss Thomson - Class 3KT 


Where can I find out things  about Year 3?

Below is a booklet that will help you find out more about life in Year 3 at the juniors. If you'd like to have a look at it with a grown up over the summer, then just click the picture below. 


Where do I go in September?

Miss Windross is our Deputy Headteacher. She has made a video below to help you find your way to your new classroom in September. There will be lots of adults around to help you though so please don't worry about it!

Click Miss Windross' picture below to find out more. 


What is it like at the juniors? 

Mr Deery is our Headteacher and he has recorded a special message for you if you are new to Portway Junior School in September. His photograph is below; click it to watch his video. 

All About Us 

We have made some posters to tell you 'All About Us' - have a look at them below and see what you can learn about us! If you would like to make one over the summer to tell us all about you, then you are welcome to! Use the link below to help you. 

My All About Me poster 


All About Miss Macleod

All About Miss Freemantle 

All About Mrs Walker 

All About Miss Thomson 



 We are looking forward to you joining us in September!