Easter Fun for Everyone!


As it is Easter and the weather is becoming more spring like (or at least it was when I wrote this!) there are some activities below aimed to keep everyone busy at home. Whether you want to bake for Easter or are able to get out on your daily family walk or just want a bit of peace and quiet, then hopefully there is something here for everyone!

I hope that you will find activities here that will help you to enjoy your Easter as a family. At the moment, things remain pretty challenging but we may never have this opportunity for such quality family time again. All of us at Portway Junior wish you a very happy, sunny, relaxing Easter break. 

At home - cheap and easy

Grow things - planting seeds in soil is a fun activity in itself and it will provide children with a responsibility over the coming weeks to make sure the plants are watered and have all they need to survive. Plant fast growing seeds such as  sunflowers so that children can watch them grow. 

Spot nighttime wildlife - if you can fit it in before bedtime, taking children on an evening adventure could be fun. You don't even need to go further than your own garden, but getting a last bit of movement in before bedtime could make that routine easier! If you're lucky you might spot a bat or owl flying above or see a hedgehog or badger before it disappears into the bushes. 

'Bake' with mud - water and mud are the only things you need  to make mudcakes and children will love getting their hands dirty. It's bound to keep them occupied for hours! 

Look for shapes in the clouds - a valuable activity to provide adults with a welcome rest break after running around after the children! 

Homemade bird feeders - these can be made with all sorts of things you might have around the house. Click the link for some inspiration. 

Cheap & easy bird activities - check out these exciting activities from the RSPB

Kitchen and Garden instruments - create your own band! What kind of instruments could you make with the items you have to hand? Click the link for help. 

Paper aeroplanes - have a competition. Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land. 

Collage - challenge your child to create an artistic collage. Cut our from magazines and catalogues, use stickers and paint to bring it to life. If you have an empty picture frame, it can go on their wall. 

Raid the garden for decent sized stones and paint some rocks. 

The guidance from the government, at the time of writing, says that we are able to leave our homes, as a family, for exercise. When you take your family walk one day, or on several days, take a copy of one of our scavenger hunts or spring walk checklist with you and see if you can complete these. You could have a competition - children vs. adults - or you could just do it all together on a lovely family ramble. 


Out and About 

Scavenger Hunt  - can you collect everything on this list? 

Signs of Spring checklist  - can you find these signs that spring is here? 

Five senses scavenger hunt  - what can you see, smell, hear, touch and taste?! 

RSPB Wild Spring Hunt 

Sound Scavenger Hunt - can you tick everything off on the list? 

Easter egg hunt - on Easter Sunday itself, hide eggs around the garden for the children to go and find. If you want to make it more challenging, add a treasure map or clues. 

Other activities to enjoy the local area: 

50 Things to do before you're 11 and3/4 some ideas here from the National Trust. We might not be able to go to a specific NT property but lots here can be done in our own local environment. Ones I've enjoyed with my family are: 


Easter Baking 

There's nothing like the smell of baking and it's a  great activity for children to get involved with too. See our Easter recipe links below for some lovely sweet treats - let us know how you get on! 

Easter Brownie Bites

Easter Rocky Road

White Chocolate Nests 

Bunny Paw Biscuits   

Easter recipes 

Easter Craft 

Living in England means that we'll never know what the weather holds! In case the Easter holidays do have some wet and miserable days, there are some craft activities here for everyone to do. 

Footprint carrots (for those Easter bunnies!) 

Easter cone animals 

Origami butterflies 

Dried petal pictures (you could collect the fallen petals on a spring walk) 

Origami Easter bunnies 

Design your own Easter egg 

Minibeast pebbles 


Get Physical 

 Energise Dance - use these links to be creative with your dance moves! 

Choose a song for a choreography challenge. Work together to create a funky dance and see if  you can remember all the moves. 

Fun Circuit Training - draw pictures of different activities and place them round the house. The children need to visit each picture and do the activity. E.g. 10 star jumps, 10 squats, 2 roly-polies etc. See how many circuits they can manage. 

Dodge ball or 'catch' in the garden. 

The meaning of Easter 

If you've ever wondered at the reason for Easter, then wonder no more! The first link below takes you to a 5 minute children's film telling the story of the events of the first Easter. After watching it, children can use the other links below to create Easter decorations, a comic strip of the story or an Easter card to send to a friend or family member. 

The First Easter 

Easter decoration

Easter Comic Strip template 

Easter Eggs card  

Easter large egg card 

Easter bunny card 

Easter bunnies card 


Peace and Quiet 

If your Easter wish is just for some peace and quiet, then you might find the following links useful for the children (or even yourself!). 

Musical colouring - if not quiet, this could be peaceful! Links and resources here to set everyone up for a bit. 

Easter crossword 

Easter dot-to-dot 

Easter mindful colouring 

Spring wordsearch - you could create your own wordsearch. 

Spring flower bunting - this would look pretty hung across a window. 

Easter Egg zentangle colouring 1

Easter Egg zentangle colouring 2

 Easter Egg zentangle colouring 3

And finally ... 

Could the children sort through their toys and decide what could be passed on, recycled or given to charity? 

Going through digital pictures is a great way to spend time together, especially if you see what everyone can remember about those special days and holidays. You could choose a few prints and put them in a frame for their bedroom. 

Do remember that it's not your job to come up with all the ideas to keep children busy. Ask them to come up with a few things to do - although be prepared  that those could involve making slime!

Also don't feel bad if the children end up watching screens for some of the time. You may well need to get some work done and watching a film or playing on a console will give you that time. 

If you enjoy all or any of these activities, we'd love to know all about it. Messages and / or photos sent via our social media platforms are most welcome. We wish you a happy Easter break. 



For these two weeks there is no formal home learning set for your children as it is officially the school Easter holidays. All our previous learning is still available on our website through the usual links so, if your child wants to finish something off or keep something going, they are free to do so.