Splendid Summer - Activities for all


We wish all of you a splendid summer holiday and we look forward  to seeing you again in September. On this page you'll find some activities to keep you busy and some fabulous places to visit - make sure you check out our local area, there are some wonderful places and views to be enjoyed - keep scrolling! 

Recipes to cook with children 

If you fancy a few cooking ideas to try in the summer with your children, then have a look at the links below. I am sure they could help you out with sorting out a picnic lunch or tea! Don't forget to get your children to help clear away and wash up as well! 

BBC Good Food Cooking with Kids 

10 Easy Recipes for Kids 

Tesco Summer Cooking with Kids 

All sorts of Asda recipes!



Trek to Tokyo


To commemorate the Tokyo 2021 Olympics which have been postponed from last summer, the Hampshire School Games Organisers (SGOs) are challenging you to TREK TO TOKYO! 

This is a 6-week summer challenge asking you to complete daily physical activities and creative challenges each week. Earn miles for each activity you take art in and record your daily miles on the chart as you trek your way across the globe to  Tokyo. 

Each week there'll be a new booklet to download from the Hampshire School Games website with different challenges for you to try - get your friends and family involved too! 


It's 5,991 miles from Hampshire to Tokyo - this means you need  to travel 1000 miles each week to reach Tokyo by the end of the summer! 

Start by watching the video below and find the documents to help. The official Hampshire School Games website can also be found at the link below. 

Trek To Tokyo video 

Download a Mile sheet to keep track of the miles you earn 

Download the challenge book for Trek to Tokyo Week 1 

Official website for the Hampshire School Games - this is where other booklets and activities will be uploaded for you to download. 


Get outside: 

Click the links below to do some wildlife spotting and see what you can see if you are able to go out and about. Keep your eyes open because even the shortest trips out can reveal some amazing sights!


Spotting butterflies 

Spotting garden birds 

Spotting minibeasts

Spotting wildflowers 

Spotting trees  

Spotting nature 

You can register your findings with Wildlife Watch as they'd love to know what you manage to see! 


Stay outside: 

Have some fun as a family outside this week. Here are some ideas for you to try - you could have a family competition to see who is the best! 


Hula Hoops - these are a lot of fun for families! Can you learn the 'Corkscrew' trick? Click the link to see how it's done: The Corkscrew 

Skip - skipping ropes provide a lot of exercise and fun - click the link to see some tricks that can liven up your skipping activity! If you can turn two together (& I know there are a lot of Portway pupils who can) you could even try Double Dutch skipping - try the video below. Maybe your dad will turn out to be a champion!  

Learn how to double dutch skip video 

Skating and scooting - dust off your scooters  and skates and see how you go around the local area. Be careful of cars and pedestrians. You could combine your scooting with one of our scavenger hunts (see below) 

Frisbee - if you don't have a frisbee then they are not very expensive and, in the spring/summer Asda and Tesco usually have them in their 'seasonal' aisle. Practise together as a family in your garden, at the park or around the lakes - there's some good exercise to be had! (Some amazing trick shots here - Frisbee trick shots)  

Build a Den - You could see if you could build one using natural materials - sticks/leaves - or you could use the washing line, chairs and some blankets to build a cosy den. See the links for some inspiration. 

Build the best den ever - we'd love to see pics of what you build!   

Tag / You're It / Stuck-in-the-mud - don't forget that the games you play on the playground can be played at home. Teach your parents the rules and see if they can keep up with you! Great family fun outside on a sunny day! 

Bug Hotels - these can be built out of pretty much anything you have in the garden! There is some inspiration at the link below - how many different bugs can you encourage to stay in your hotel? 

Bug Hotel inspiration



Scavenger Hunts 

Scavenger Hunts can be a source of great fun. There are some ideas below of hunts that can be hunted when you are out and about for some fun, or in your own garden if you can't go out. There's even one for the inside if you can't be outside! Have a look below:  



If you do have to be indoors then try these activities:  

Read - put a chair by the window if you can't get out of doors  to read. Have a read of 'The Book of Hope' - click the picture to read it. What's your favourite part? Could you write a short story, a poem or draw a picture to encourage us all to hang on to hope?  

 Listen to an audio book - Click the picture of the books below to listen to some great stories suitable for children of all ages. (Miss W has to admit that Varjak Paw is one of her absolute favourites!) 


 Lego Challenge: 

Playing with lego is a great creative activity, as well as being something that's very thoughtful and mindful. It's great for getting the imagination going! There are lots of '30 Day Lego Challenges' out there but we've picked a few  that you might like to try. Send us any pics of what you manage to build! See the pictures below for inspiration and challenges.  


 Other things to do

It still seems that the safest places are outdoors. Hopefully the weather will be nice over the summer so see if you can get to any of these places - they're all family friendly, inexpensive & reasonably local! Click the links beneath each attraction to find out more. 

Danebury Ring (take the dog!) 


Cholderton Charlie's Farm 


Micheldever Woods & the ancient barrows (take the dog and your bike)


Mottisfont Abbey and Gardens (National Trust) 


Old Sarum (& visit Salisbury Cathedral whilst you're there) 


Stonehenge (National Trust & English Heritage) 


The Vyne - there's a great walk through the forest too. (National Trust)


Eastrop Park Basingstoke 


Crabtree Plantation Basingstoke - great for a bike ride & take the dog too!

Lepe Country Park 


Whitchurch Silk Mill 

Army Flying Museum, Wallop 


Watercress Line, Alresford 

The Great Hall in Winchester (Don't forget to check out the WestgateCathedral and Wolvesley Castle too!) 

St Catherine's Hill, Winchester. (Climb the hill for a picnic and enjoy spectacular views of the ancient city of Winchester. It used to be the capital of England!) 

Don't forget to keep your key skills of reading and maths work topped up. The activities here will help you with that too.   


Online Maths - our MyMaths, EducationCity and TimesTables Rockstars are still able to be used! You can complete any activity for these, you don't need to be set work. Click the picture below to go to the site you want to practise on. 



BBC Bitesize Maths: Click the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize Maths section - there are lots of games to choose from: 


Maths Games Online: Click this link to play Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica! 



Maths At Home Activities: There are all sorts of activities to have a go at on the NRich website, click the icon below: 




Online English Activities - remember to keep your reading going - the Summer Reading Challenge is a good way to do this. You can also play all sorts of games on Education City and, if you have been using it, Spelling City will help you too. Click the pictures below to go to the right website. 


Summer Reading Challenge - Traditionally Portway has a lot of children who complete this and are able to show us their certificates and medals in the autumn term. We know it might be a bit different this year but sign up! Click the picture above to do so.


BBC Bitesize English Games - click the picture below for lots of English themed  activities. 



Even More Reading: Looking for something fun as a family? Enjoy storytime with The Book Trust's free online books and videos, play games, win prizes, test your knowledge in our book-themed quizzes, or even learn how to draw some of your favourite characters. Click the picture below to find out more! 

Handwriting - click the link below for some handwriting paper. Practise writing on this - you can write anything at all! You could write a story, a diary of your holidays, a letter to a family member - when you write it, make sure your ascenders and descenders join up your letters correctly. Also make sure you don't have capital letters sneaking in where they don't belong!  

Handwriting Paper




 Stormbreak is a project run by the University of Winchester that we have been involved with this year. It is designed to help children to develop their resilience, relationships, self-worth and self-care. Over the summer holiday there is a chance to be involved with the Stormbreak Summer Challenge where you can participate in activities and earn badges and certificates. Click the links below to find out more and to sign up.  

Find out more about Stormbreak here

Sign up to the Stormbreak Summer Challenge here 


Remember to still keep a good distance from other people, always wash your hands and keep yourselves (and your families) safe and well. 

Enjoy the summer!