Y4 Week 2 Home learning


Home learning continues ... week beginning 30.3.2020. 

Please see below the activities and learning for your child to do whilst we are restricted to our homes during this period of time. These activities are related to our spring term learning.


Macbeth drop in clauses - add drop in clauses to these sentences. Remember that a drop in clause adds extra information and wouldn't make sense on its own. 

Macbeth handwriting - a little bit of practise to keep your handwriting joined and neat. Try your best! 

Romeo and Juliet storyboard - can you create a storyboard  for one of Shakespeare's most tragic tales? 

Sentence punctuation - spot the difference between a statement and a question and punctuate these correctly. 

Spelling Challenge - practise these spellings and test yourself when you have practised  for a few days. Can you get 100%? 


Column Addition and Subtraction - calculate the answers to these problems. Keep your digits in neat columns so that you can find a mistake if you make one. 

Converting Lengths - use your multiplication and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to convert these lengths. 

Converting Weights - use your multiplication and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to convert these weights. 

Negative Numbers - can you complete these tasks? Negative numbers are usually used to measure temperatures in countries where it is REALLY cold! 


Exploring Sound - sound travels to us in soundwaves. See if you can do this experiment to see the invisible soundwaves! 


Shakespearean Scene - can you draw your own Shakespearean or Elizabethan scene using these pictures for inspiration. 


Comparing London - London looks very different today from when Shakespeare was alive. See what similarities and differences you can list. You could use GoogleMaps to further explore London today if you wish! 


Circuit training - here are some ideas to help you keep exercising. Get out in the garden or to the local park (we are still allowed to use outdoor space to exercise in as long as we stay 2 metres away from everyone else at all times.) Can you persuade someone in your family to do the circuit training with you?! 

Easter PE - can you complete the bunny hop challenge?! 


French colours - make a rainbow for your window but colour this one with French colours! 

French Easter Egg - use your French colours to complete this Easter Egg activity 

French days of the week - have some fun with this chatterbox game 

French days of the week poster - this will help! 



Sites we use in school: New learning pathways will be set within these sites. 

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE SITES SUPPORT LEARNING FOR CHILDREN WORLDWIDE. If you are unable to log on please use any other link on this page or the General Learning page. We have taken care to provide a wide variety of ideas and sites for you. 


EducationCity (for Maths, English and Science)

Abacus Learning (Maths - our school code is poju)

Times Tables Rockstars (Times tables practice)

MyMaths (Maths - children have 2 log ins. A general school username and password and then a portal username and password)

SpellingCity No log in needed. Spelling lists for children to learn and practise with. 


For the websites listed above, children have their own log in and password  information which is in the front of their home/school diaries. These are websites that we choose to subscribe to as a school and that teachers will have accessed to set up learning pathways and lessons for pupils to complete.