Y5 Week 2 Home Learning


Home learning continues ... week beginning 30.3.2020. 

Please see below the activities and learning for your child to do whilst we are restricted to our homes during this period of time. These activities are related to our spring term learning.

Year 5 Learning Menu 


Alliteration Challenge - are you brave enough for our challenge?! Remember that 'alliteration' is when each word begins with the same sound or letter. 

Relative Clauses - a relative clause is a particular clause that adds to or modifies or describes a noun; they add detail to sentences. 

Rudyard Kipling - what do you know about one of England's most famous journalists and poet? 

What If ... Thinking Challenge - stretch your brain beyond the easy answers with this challenge. 


Train Timetable Problems - there's quite a lot of issues with public transport at the moment! Can you read  our timetable to work out journey times? 

24 hour clock - these timetables use the 24 hour clock. Can you read these? 

Measuring and Convert Measurements - converting measures through using your skills to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 

Distances in KM - can you solve these distance problems? 

Calculate the perimeter of shapes Can you find out what the perimeter (distance around the outside) of these shapes are? Work carefully! 


The Eucharist and Leonardo Da Vinci What do you know about the story of Jesus leading up to Easter? What does a famous artist have to do with it? Click the links to find out and complete the activity! 


Fossils 1 and Fossils 2 and a Fossil Film This sort of learning is fascinating; fossils have been around for hundreds  of thousands of years. Watch the film, have a look at our activity (under the Fossils part 1 and part 2 links) and do your best! 


Ed Sheeran We love a bit of music by Ed! See what you can find out about him to complete this activity. You can always play some of his tracks through YouTube. 



Sites we use in school: New learning pathways will be set within these sites. 


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE SITES SUPPORT LEARNING FOR CHILDREN WORLDWIDE. If you are unable to log on please use any other link on this page or the General Learning page. We have taken care to provide a wide variety of ideas and sites for you. 


EducationCity (for Maths, English and Science)


Abacus Learning (Maths - our school code is poju)


Times Tables Rockstars (Times tables practice)


MyMaths (Maths - children have 2 log ins. A general school username and password and then a portal username and password)


SpellingCity No log in needed. Spelling lists for children to learn and practise with. 


For the websites listed above, children have their own log in and password  information which is in the front of their home/school diaries. These are websites that we choose to subscribe to as a school and that teachers will have accessed to set up learning pathways and lessons for pupils to complete.