Y6 Week 1 Home Learning


Please see below the activities and learning for your child to do whilst we are restricted to our homes during this period of time. These activities are part of our spring term learning. 

What a day of home learning might look like

Sites we use in school:

EducationCity (for Maths, English and Science)

Abacus Learning (Maths - our school code is poju)

Times Tables Rockstars (Times tables practice)

MyMaths (Maths - children have 2 log ins. A general school username and password and then a portal username and password)

SpellingCity No log in needed. Spelling lists for children to learn and practise with. 

For the website listed above, children have their own log in and password  information which is in the front of their home/school diaries. These are websites that we choose to subscribe to as a school and that teachers will have accessed to set up learning pathways and lessons for pupils to complete.


Titanic Info

Book Bingo - keep your reading going! If you don't have a copy of an exact book on our lists, please use a book that you do have at home.


 Writing Prompts

Writing prompts 1

Y6 SPaG Revision 1

Write an email, letter or postcard, or have a daily Facetime/Skype conversation with an elderly relative. Help to keep the elderly and isolated still feeling part of a community.


BBC Maths Challenge Quiz Join Ralph and Matrix for the maths quiz that's sure to turn you into a mental maths mastermind! Each quiz has three sections - Quick fire, Word problems and Juggling numbers - and is particularly suitable for pupils aged 10/11 years old. The emphasis is on consolidating skills, building confidence...and having fun with numbers!

White Rose Maths Click on the Y6 tab for Y6 maths activities.

Hampshire Maths The Hampshire Maths team have put together some resources for children to access online. These include a range of paired and individual activities and interactive games.

Titanic Menu of activities

Titanic Maths

Titanic Clocks 

Art:  Some free sites which have great creative ideas for your children to adapt at home, with some interactive resources. We have already created watercolours for Day of the Dead and sketched our own versions of famous art.

Plan Bee

BBC Bitesize

Teaching Ideas



HISTORY: We have looked at ancient civilisations as part of ‘Journey Through the Americas’, but children can visit these sites to learn more about history and interesting events in our past! They could create a PowerPoint presentation to teach others or research a particular era or aspect of an era (e.g. transport in the Victorian times) 

BBC Programmes

Best history sites

Would you have survive the Titanic? This site particularly links to some of our topic work and is great for videos about world history.

Geography: We have looked at the Americas extensively as part of our ‘Journey Through the Americas’ topic. You could revisit some learning about the Galapagos, the human settlements in the favelas of Brazil or create a new project about a location of your choice. 

National Geographic

World Geography Games

Digital Dialects



DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY: In Year 6, our DT curriculum advises that children should bake and cook, understanding that changes in recipes lead to differences in tastes, textures and aromas. Previously, some of the children were lucky enough to create a three-course vegan menu which they thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some links for cooking ideas:

BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food Recipes

Cooking with Kids

SCIENCE: So far in Science this year, we have thought about our circulatory systems, adaptation and evolution and how this is evident in various species and how light behaves when it passes through different materials.

Science Kids


Science Software


7 Ball Challenge


Although the SATS assessments are cancelled, children still need to be well prepared for secondary school. We are hoping that the following resources will help our children with this. 


2016 Reading Text

2016 Reading Booklet


2016 Arithmetic Paper 1

2016 Reasoning Paper 2

2016 Reasoning Paper 3

Answers to SATS revision booklets

2016 Reading Answer Mark Scheme

2016 Maths Answer Mark Scheme

Please also remember to look at our general home learning page for even more learning activities for children where we have activities based on the vast majority of curriculum subjects. This is on the front page of our website.