2020 Calshot Day One!


Day One

A really busy first day at Calshot - it already feels like we have been here ages. This afternoon the 7 groups went off and did various activities. 3 groups have completed their first ski session (they do 3 during the week), 4 groups have done their first of the two climbing sessions and we have also had groups doing low, ropes, initiative course and archery. As we were getting ready for lunch a couple stopped us and said what a well behaved group of young people they were - always lovely to hear!

Weather is good so far but it is rather chilly! The sun is out, making the views across the Solent lovely.

We are having a few issues with WiFi and currently but we hope to upload some photos - apologies if it doesn’t work! The photos look ok on the ipad but some are looking fuzzy via the website. We will try to correct this if we can. 

The pupils have settled really well and we are already very proud of them!