2022 Calshot Day 2!


Calshot - Day 2 Evening Update

It has been a very busy day with lots of different activities going on - both inside the main hangars outside. Although it is isn’t warm - we have had it much colder overs the years! And the best news is no rain (and no rain forecast for the next couple of days!)

We have shared some photographs from today below - the quality isn’t great but we have tried to show a range of activities. We have also tried to include all children but, as you will imagine, it is not always that easy as we are uploading photographs in spare moments, here and there. We will do our best to include as many as possible but apologies if we have missed children out.

The pupils have been really impressing us this week - some of them have overcome challenges and each night before bed we come together to share some of the successes of the day. It is a lovely way to finish the day before settling down to bed.

We will try to update you again tomorrow- both on the website and via our social media channels.


Day Two dawns ...

6:35 am

Good morning from Calshot 2022! It is quite a chilly start to Tuesday but not quite as foggy as we were expecting it down here on the coast. The forecast for today is cold and dull but no rain,  which great news!

At the moment all is quiet - apart from the odd murmur! It We all had a good night’s sleep (well almost all of us!)  and most are all still fast asleep & very quiet. Some of us found it difficult getting to sleep last night but that is understandable with it being the first night. 

This morning we have several groups having skiing sessions and some other groups doing the first of their climbing sessions. Other activities for some groups include low ropes, which is a great team building activity, and 2 more groups spending some time at Beach Bonanza. As we mentioned  yesterday, throughout the course of the week, everyone gets to try out each of the activities so by the end we can all feel proud that we've tried everything! 

We'll take some photos as the day goes on and we will try and update the website with a few later tonight. Some photos do not appear in order as it depends on when we can download them. Sometimes this also means there can be multiple copies on occasions. The WiFi only works on some parts of the site so it can be a little hit and miss!

It won’t be long and we will start to wake the children up so they can get sorted - ready for breakfast at about 7:50 (Mr Deery's favourite meal!)