Bonus Activities - for you, if you'd like to do a little bit more! Week of 11.1.21


Bonus Activities - for you, if you'd like to do more! 

For children in all year groups 

Share a Story Corner Sometimes it's just nice to enjoy a story. There are some here to watch and listen to. You might like to invite a younger sibling to enjoy them with you! 

Have you ever met an alien? If you did what would you teach them? Use our challenge sheet to have some fun. 

Cook - follow a recipe and measure all the different ingredients you need accurately. 

Film Review Challenge Watch your favourite film and write a review for a film streaming service (you could even send your review into Netflix or Amazon Prime!) 

Hero Challenge - Who's your hero? Complete this activity here. You could also create a comic strip biography of your favourite sports star or celebrity. 

Family portrait inspiration  Sometimes it's nice to chill and do some art. Have you ever drawn a family portrait? You could start now! Use this website for some inspiration and have some fun! 

Years 3 & 4  


Hit the Button  - use this website to develop your key number skills. Focus on your number bonds, halves, doubles and times tables - these are important skills for you to practise. All can be found by clicking on the links.  

Telling the Time Practise telling the time using this site. Can you tell the time to the quarter hour and the nearest 5 minutes?  


Newsround  Watch today's edition of Newsround and talk to someone at home about what you have seen. Can you locate the countries reported about on the news on a world map? Which one is closest to the UK? Which country is furthest away? How many countries talked about were in Europe? (Check map answers here.) 

Oxford  Owl  Read a book from the Oxford Owl - they are free to download. Talk about what you enjoyed about the book. Use our Book Bingo card to find an activity to do about the book you have just read. 


Online dictionary  This is a useful tool to help you check your spellings in any writing that you do! 

Spelling City  Use this website to practise your spellings! 

Writing Masterclass This is a FREE writing masterclass - you could be the next Roald Dahl or JK Rowling! Have a look and do some of the activities.  


Years 5 & 6 


Hit the Button - use this website and focus on your times tables, division facts and squared numbers. These are all important things for you to know. 

Problem Solving - use this website to find problems - on any maths topic to solve - hit the YouTube button if you get stuck and need a video to help you! 


Read a chapter from your home reading book or one you have from school or the library or your bedroom shelf. After you have read a chapter, do one of the following activities: 

  • Summarise the events of the chapter in bullet points 
  • Create a comic strip of the events of the chapter 
  • Find the Book Bingo card and complete an activity from here. 

In the chapter you have read, note down any unfamiliar words  that you read. Explore the meanings of these words using a dictionary. Online dictionary here. 

Oxford  Owl  Read a book from the Oxford Owl - they are free to download. Summarise the text you have read to a grown up and tell them what you liked and disliked about it. Find one piece of evidence from the text to back up your opinion of what you liked and a different piece of evidence for the part you disliked. 


Spelling Frame - use this website to practise your spellings. Click on the Y5 & 6 list. 

Keep a diary of how you spend your days. As you write it, make sure you use capital letters and full stops correctly all the way through. See if you can fit in a rhetorical question (with a question mark!) and some other punctuation such as brackets and an exclamation mark! Proofread your work and uplevel any words that you can.