Ideas and fun for the half term holiday!


Well done to everyone for making it to the February half term! There is officially no home learning this week but, we are aware that it is a school holiday whilst we are all still in a national lockdown, so we hope the following activities give everyone some ideas for the week! 


Embrace Culture 

It is Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day AND Pancake Day during the half term break! Click the pictures below for links of things to do to celebrate - have fun! 



Games for Walks 

Going for walks is an approved lockdown activity. It can be very chilly in February though so extra activities are always useful! Try these next time you're out as a family. 

Guess the animal - Questions requiring 'yes' and 'no' answers only and you can play this game about any interest in the family from How  To Train Your Dragon (questions about dragon species) to favourite football teams or book characters. 


Pirates - use fallen trees in the woodland to imagine these into pirate ships. Look for land ahoy! And keep an eye open for swashbuckling pirates keen to invade and steal your treasure. 

Spies - adults walk ahead and children secretly follow behind, darting from tree to tree and ducking down to remain hidden. 

Bad Dad/Mum/Brother/Sister - dad/mum/brother/sister plays the role of a criminal trying to escape. They run ahead and the family run behind shouting "Don't let him/her get away!" 

Sloths - children hang upside down from tree branches being sloths. The adults are the hunters or conservationists coming to steal/help them. 

Motorbikes - this means running up and down steep-sided halfpipe like paths an ditches, pretending to be motorbikes, making higher and higher pitching revving noises when going uphill. (You have to not care about looking like a wally if you encounter other families out walking!) 

Signs of spring - it might be cold out on a walk but the signs of spring are there! How many can you spot? Use our checklist below to help you out. 

Signs of Spring checklist 

Picnics but better

We might not be able to stop out for a picnic when walking but all children (and a lot of adults!) need snacks when wandering the woodlands! Take flasks - hot chocolate for the children, with mini marshmallows, coffee for the grown ups - and you could even take a  flask of hot food - macaroni cheese, frankfurter sausages in hot water for some quick and easy hotdogs! Much easier to persuade children out on a 'Hot Chocolate Adventure' than a boring old walk! 

(Thanks to Gemma Bowes from The Guardian's article on 6th February for these ideas) 


Virtual Visits, Games and Challenges 

The London Science Museum has some brilliant online games. A particular favourite is LaunchBall - have a go at the link below. Which level can you get to? 



Australia's Great Barrier Reef - travel to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Can you collect all the plastic bags without disturbing the jellyfish? Try at the link below: 

The Great Barrier Reef Game 

Chester Zoo has become a virtual zoo - so far, 17 million viewers have 'visited'! Check them out below: 

Chester Zoo

Junior Bakeoff - access the Junior Bakeoff programme at the link below and watch an episode or two. Can you take up a Bakeoff Challenge? 

Junior BakeOff - CBBC


You could also: 

  • Build a den - inside or out 
  • Watch a family movie together 
  • Tidy your bedroom 
  • Sort out unwanted clothes/toys for a charity donation 
  • Design and make a board game 
  • Play a board game as a family 
  • Teach someone (or yourself!) how to play a card  game / chess / your favourite board game 
  • Read a book 
  • Phone a friend 
  • Chat to an older relative  you might not have seen for ages 
  • Keep a diary 
  • Watch out for birds (extra resources here - British Bird Identifier
  • Check out the stars and spot constellations (extra resources here - CPRE's Star  Count

Have a relaxing and restful half term break.