Hampshire School Games Challenge


February is Healthy Heart Month! 

The Hampshire School Games organisers  are challenging children to some physical activities to help us all to keep our hearts healthy. 

Below are links to two activities! 

Skipping Challenge 


Skipping Challenge - for children in KS2, the challenge is to see how many skips you can do in 60 seconds. Complete the challenge during the week of 8th-12th February. Can you beat your daily score? 

Click the link  to read more: Skipping Challenge Link 


Dance Challenge

Dance Challenge - the song to dance to is 'Count on Me' by Bruno Mars!

Click the link to read more: Dance Challenge Link 

Key Info:

  • The theme of the dance should be 'Empathy'
  • Dances should be 30-40 seconds long. 
  • Performances can be solo, duo (2) or group dance.
  • They can be any style of dance 

Design and perform a dance routine. You will be scored on: 

  • The idea - originality and innovation (10 marks) 
  • The performance - focus, enthusiasm, theatrics, timing (10 marks) 
  • The movements (10 marks) 
    • Use of different actions - travelling, jumping, turning and gestures 
    • Use of different dynamics - force, speed and flow 
    • Use of space - levels, directions and formations. 


Email your finished entry to mcampbell@priorysouthsea.org by Friday 19th February 2021. 


Good luck!