Indoor and Outdoor Fun for the Easter Hols


Here are some great ideas to keep everyone busy and entertained during the Easter holidays. Hopefully it'll be lovely and sunny and we'll all be able to enjoy time in our gardens (with one other household or in a group of 6) but there are some rainy day activities here too. 


Get outside: 

The spring season is the season where everything is waking up from its winter sleep and new life can be seen everywhere! Click the links below to do some wildlife spotting and see what you can see if you are able to go out and about over this week. Keep your eyes open because even the shortest trips out can reveal some amazing sights!  

Spotting butterflies  

Spotting garden birds  

Spotting minibeasts 

Spotting wildflowers  

Spotting trees  

Spotting nature  

You can register your findings with Wildlife Watch as they'd love to know what you manage to see! 


Stay outside:  

Have some fun as a family outside this holiday. Here are some ideas for you to try - you could have a family competition to see who is the best!  

Hula Hoops - these are a lot of fun for families! Can you learn the 'Corkscrew' trick? Click the link to see how it's done: The Corkscrew    

Skip - skipping ropes provide a lot of exercise and fun - click the link to see some tricks that can liven up your skipping activity! If you can turn two together (& I know there are a lot of Portway pupils who can) you could even try Double Dutch skipping - try the video below. Maybe your dad will turn out to be a champion!   

Learn how to double dutch skip video   

Skating and scooting - dust off your scooters  and skates and see how you go around the local area. Be careful of cars and pedestrians. You could combine your scooting with one of our scavenger hunts (see below)  


Frisbee - if you don't have a frisbee then they are not very expensive and, in the spring/summer Asda and Tesco usually have them in their 'seasonal' aisle. Practise together as a family in your garden, at the park or around the lakes - there's some good exercise to be had! (Some amazing trick shots here - Frisbee trick shots

Build a Den - I loved building and playing in (and hiding from mum!) a den outside. You could see if you could build one using natural materials - sticks/leaves - or you could use the washing line, chairs and some blankets to build a cosy den. See the link below for some inspiration.  

Build the best den ever  

Homemade bird feeders - these can be made with all sorts of things you might have around the house. Click the link for some inspiration. 

Cheap & easy bird activities - check out these exciting activities from the RSPB

Paper aeroplanes - have a competition. Compare different designs and see how well they fly and land. 

Collage - challenge your child to create an artistic collage. Cut our from magazines and catalogues, use stickers and paint to bring it to life. If you have an empty picture frame, it can go on their wall. 

Bug Hotels - these can be built out of pretty much anything you have in the garden! There is some inspiration at the link below - how many different bugs can you encourage to stay in your hotel?  

Bug Hotel inspiration  

Easter egg hunt - on Easter Sunday itself, hide eggs around the garden for the children to go and find. If you want to make it more challenging, add a treasure map or clues. 


Recipes There's nothing like the smell of baking and it's a  great activity for children to get involved with too. See our Easter recipe links below for some lovely sweet treats

Easter Brownie Bites 

Easiest Ever Easter biscuits 

Chocolate Easter cupcakes  

Hot cross scones 

Easter Rocky Road Cheesecake bars 

Healthy Easter lamb 

Easter Bunny cake 

Rainy day activities Living in England means that we'll never know what the weather holds! In case the Easter holidays do have some wet and miserable days, there are some craft activities here for everyone to do. 

Easter Egg colouring 1

Easter Egg colouring 2 

Easter Egg colouring 3 

Design your own Easter egg

Footprint carrots (for those Easter bunnies!) 

Easter cone animals 

Origami butterflies 

Dried petal pictures (you could collect the fallen petals on a spring walk) 

Origami Easter bunnies 

Minibeast pebbles 

A rainy day is also a good time to get comfy and watch a film. Try the story of Easter here and watch The Miracle Maker