Week beginning 1.3.21 - Bonus activities if you'd like to do a little bit more.



Challenge 1: The Odd One Out 

Below are pictures of 4 items. Which one is the odd one out? Talk to your family and find out what they think? Did you all agree or did you have different ideas? 

Camping stove 



Holly berries 

Challenge 2: The Women's Land Army 

Imperial War Museum Land Army Information - have a look at this website. Can you investigate these questions? 

  • What was the Women's Land Army? 
  • Why was it needed? 
  • What jobs did women do during World War 2? 

Listen to this short interview with local woman, Jean Davis, who was a Land Girl during the war. What did she have to do as a Land Girl? What was her uniform like? 

Jean Davis Land Girl interview 

The 2020 Land Army - read this BBC report. Why are people describing this as the modern-day Land Army? What similarities and differences can you see? 

Challenge 3: Coding 

Hour of Code - use this website to practise your coding skills! You can code with Star Wars, The Grinch or Minecraft. Choose the level that feels right for you and get coding! 

Challenge 4: Orcas

Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - watch this short lesson (Lesson 1) about whales, dolphins and porpoises. Can you tell the difference between them? Have a go at completing the activities below. 

Whales and Dolphins 

Dolphins or Shark?

 Challenge 5: Music 

The Hampshire Music Service sent us the powerpoint we've included below. Have a go - there are links within it to pieces of music that will be good to listen to so you can answer the questions! 

Music Challenge 

And just for fun! Last year we had a visit from the author Christopher Edge - if you are in Years 4, 5 and 6 you'll remember! (& if you're in Year 3, this is your chance to discover him!) His books are great and we've found them on audible so do give them a listen! (Miss W couldn't put the first one down!) Click the book cover to be taken to Audible where you can listen for free.