Week of 14.12.2020 - Christmas activities for children learning from home



If you are not able to be in school because you are self-isolating, then please have a look at the work here for you to do for the days that you are absent from school. 

As this is our Christmas week, our home learning has a different format and any of the following learning activities can be completed by any child learning at home this week. 


Learn a song in sign language! 


Makaton is another way to talk to children and grown ups using our hands. The signs we make form the words we say. We use Makaton to greet each other in assembly in school. Below is an activity to learn to sing 'When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney' in Makaton. Watch the video and use the hand signals sheet to learn the song. 

'When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney' makaton video 

Sign sheet 

Don't forget you can video you signing the song and send it in to us at school via adminoffice@portway-jun.hants.sch.uk. We'd love to see how you do! 




What is Christmas all about? 


What is Christmas?  - click the link to watch a BBC Bitesize clip to find out what the festival of Christmas is all about. Watch the clip and see if you can answer  the questions below: 

  • Who are the main characters in the Christmas story and why were they travelling to Bethlehem? 
  • When Jesus was born, where did Mary lay him? What is this object usually used for? 
  • What are the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas called? What happens during these weeks?
  • What special celebrations take place at Christmas to help us remember Jesus' birth? 

 See if you can complete the Christmas puzzles at the link below: 

Christmas puzzles. 



Some groups of Christians make Christingles to celebrate Christmas. Below is a picture of a Christingle. Use the link to learn what each different part means. Can you make your own Christingle? 

What is a Christingle? (Scroll down to find the video) 


Christmas Music: 


Click this link below to listen to a concert of Christmas music recorded by Chetham's School of Music. This is based in Manchester but the Joint Principal (& Director of Music) is Tom Redmond, an ex-Portway pupil!

Have a listen to the concert and then see if you can complete the Christmas Quiz about it. 

Chetham's School of Music Christmas Concert 

Quiz about the Christmas Concert 


Answers to the quiz. (Only look AFTER you have given the quiz your best shot!) 




Animals in Winter: Winter is a time when our wildlife environment changes; trees lose their leaves (unless they are evergreen) and lots of animals hibernate. Watch the video below about why hedgehogs hibernate. 

Hedgehog Hibernation Video

After you've watched the video, give this quiz a go to test your knowledge: Hedgehog Hibernation Quiz.





Christmas traditions in other countries


European Christmases: In countries like France, Spain, Germany and Italy, Christmas traditions are quite different. Have a look at the links below and see what you can find out about their traditions. 

What do French people eat at Christmas?  

Who brings the Christmas presents to the Spanish? 

Why do Italian Christmas sweets need to contain nuts? 

When do German children open their presents? 

When you have done your research, present what you have found out as a leaflet. There is a template here if you would like to use it: leaflet template. 



Christmas Maths 


Click the link below to find out some Christmas jokes, solve the Christmas pudding mystery and to challenge yourself with some elf problems. 

Christmas jokes 

The Great Christmas Pudding Mystery 

Elf Problems 




Christmas Science 


Have you ever wondered how Christmas lights work? Or why some of us love sprouts whilst others absolutely hate them? Or why igloos don't melt? Have a look at the activities at the links below to find out more. 

How do Christmas lights work? 

Love or hate sprouts 

Why don't igloos melt? 




How to make Christmas snowflakes: 

Have a look at the YouTube video below (click the snowflake) and have a go at making  your own Christmas snowflakes. 

Don't forget that you can still use these sites below and to keep reading


Online Maths and English - our MyMaths, EducationCity and TimesTables Rockstars are still able to be used! You can complete any activity for these - you don't need to wait for work to be set. Click the picture below to go to the site you want to practise on.   




We wish you a  very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you for the start of the new spring term! Keep safe.