Year 4 Home Learning


Once you are feeling better, have a go at completing the work on this page. It will be similar to the learning you have been doing in school. 

Maths Learning 


These activities below are about recapping your understanding of numbers to 1000 and Place Value. Choose where you would like to begin and watch the teaching videos by clicking on the White Rose logo. 

When you have watched the video, have a go at the activity sheet found by clicking the link underneath. You don't need to print anything out, write just your answers onto a piece of paper. 

Numbers to 1000 video 

 100s, 10s and 1s video 

Round to the nearest 10 video 

Round to the nearest 100 video 

 Activity sheet - Numbers to 1000
 Activity sheet - 100s, 10s and 1s  Activity sheet - round to the nearest 10
 Activity sheet - round to the nearest 100


Times Tables - these are very important to keep practising. Have ago at the times tables questions below - these are all for Year 4.
Write just the answers on a piece of paper. (You can print them off if you have a printer but it's not necessary.)

Times Tables 1 

Times Tables 2 

Times Tables 3 

Problem of the week - try some of these links (click the number below) out to practise your problem solving skills. 


English Learning 

English Reading: 

Below are some reading activities with some questions to answer. Choose where you would like to begin and read the text carefully.
Answer the questions on a piece of paper and write your answers in full sentences

Buzz the Computer Man 

Finding Facts and Information 

Making Connections 

Making inferences 


English writing activities: 

Choose where you would like to start with the 3 writing activities that are listed below. You can do your writing on a piece of paper at home or on a computer if you have one. Remember to include:

  • Exciting vocabulary 
  • Full stops and capital letters 
  • Speech punctuation (if your characters are going to talk to each other. )

Writing Activity 1: The Mysterious Man 

 Describe the man in detail. What does he look     like? What is his beard like? How can you           describe how he wears his glasses? 
What sort of character do you think he has? What job does he do? Does he have many friends - how do we know?

What do you think his house his like?
Does he live in this house or is he visiting someone here?

  Is he hiding anything here? 

  Write a short story about the man and this     house. 

  • Include adjectives to describe the man and his house. 
  • Use the questions above (in blue) to help you collect some ideas for your story. 


Writing Activity 2 - Story Starters. Pick ONE of these story starters and use it to write your own story. 

Closer and closer it came, it was getting
bigger and bigger. Soon it filled the sky
above. Was the moon falling? 

  I heard the music as I entered 
  the room, but all that was there 
was a violin. It lay there on its 
back on the bare floorboards..

  "Help me! Help me!" came the
  call from behind the steel door. 


Writing Activity 3 - Frank and Jason and The Great Train Robbery 

 Click the picture to watch a short animated film called Ruckus. 

  Frank and Jason are 'Wanted'. but they are still carrying out daring robberies, 
  this time it seems it is the great train robbery. Will their greed be the end of 


  After you've watched this short film, pretend you are a journalist and you are     writing a report about the robberies. Write a newspaper report telling the people of     the town all about the great train robbery. 

  You can write your newspaper report on a piece of paper or you can use a
  computer if you would like. 


When you have completed all of this work, email it to your class teacher - you can photograph it with your phone and send your teacher photos of everything you've done. Your class email address will be: 

When your teacher has looked through your work, they will then see what more learning they can set for you on Google Classroom. 


Whilst you are waiting to hear back from your teacher, you can use any of the following platforms to do some more work.