Year 3 Home Learning


Once you are feeling better, have a go at completing the work on this page. It will be similar to the learning you have been doing in school. 

Maths Learning 


These activities below are about recapping your understanding of numbers to 100 and using tens and ones in addition. Choose where you would like to begin and watch the teaching videos by clicking on the White Rose logo. 

When you have watched the video, have a go at the activity sheet found by clicking the link underneath. You don't need to print anything out, write just your answers onto a piece of paper. 

Represent numbers to 100 video 

Tens and ones using addition video 

Hundreds video 

Numbers to 1000 video 

 Activity - represent numbers to 100   Activity - tens and ones using addition   Activity - hundreds video  Activity - numbers to 1000


Times Tables - these are very important to keep practising. Have a go at the times tables game at the link below. Click the picture to get started and then click 'Play Game' and select Times Tables! 


Problem of the week - try some of these links (click the number below) out to practise your problem solving skills. 


English Learning 

English Reading: 

Below are some reading activities with some questions to answer. Choose where you would like to begin and read the text carefully.
Answer the questions on a piece of paper and write your answers in full sentences


Drawing Conclusions 

Finding Facts and Information 

Points of View


English writing activities: 

Choose where you would like to start with the 3 writing activities that are listed below. You can do your writing on a piece of paper at home, or on a computer if you have one. Remember to include:

  • Exciting vocabulary 
  • Full stops and capital letters

Writing Activity 1 - Rock, Paper and Scissors

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rock, Paper and Scissors met each other? 
Watch this short film (click the picture on the left).


When you have watched the film, have a go at the following activities: 

  • Make a WANTED poster for Scissors 
  • Draw a picture of Paper and write all the adjectives that describe her around the picture 
  • Make a comic strip of the story 

Writing Activity 2 - The Little Shoemaker 

In an old street in Paris there is a little shoemaker called Mr Botte. He makes and sells a special kind of shoes and business is good. However, the little shoemaker's life is about to change ... a new shoemaker is in town and he will do anything to gain business. Mr Botte's business begins to fail. How will he manage? 
Watch the short clip below and then have a go at the writing activity beneath: 

  • Write a set of instructions about how to make magic shoes. 


Writing Activity 3 - The Tiny Dragon 
Look at this picture: 

Where is it from? Why is it so small? Will it grow?
Are there more like him? 
Where does he live? 
How will you look after it? Will you keep him a secret or will you tell anyone? 
What magic can it do? 


Write a short story about this tiny dragon and the adventures it has. Maybe you are also 
part of the adventure! Use the questions (in blue) above to help you with ideas. 


When you have completed all of this work, email it to your class teacher - you can photograph it with your phone and send your teacher photos of everything you've done. Your class email address will be: 

When your teacher has looked through your work, they will then see what more learning they can set for you on Google Classroom. 


Whilst you are waiting to hear back from your teacher, you can use any of the following platforms to do some more work.