Forest School

We are lucky to have lovely Forest School area at Portway and, in our sessions we learn how to take care of the wild. We all have to look after the area and we have a path which helps us to use the area safely. We also mark the hazards - using special red flags - which means that everyone knows the area to stay in and where they have to be careful. 

Our Forest School area is very special because there are all sort of hideaway places. We have a firepit there - we are not allowed to step into the fire pit, but have enjoyed cooking marshmallows over the fire! We play games like hide and seek too - it’s exciting to hide among the trees. We have also made snails from the wood that we learn to saw and cut into pieces - there are always two people using the bow and arrow saw.  As children spend more time at Portway, we hope that they all get to use our Forest School area as much as possible - it’s a lovely big space and it’s really important that we all know how to look after our environment.

Forest Schools offer a unique and enriching learning experience for children, immersing them in the wonders of the natural world.

Activity in the Forest School Area:

  • Nature walks an exploration
  • Outdoor arts and crafts
  • Tree identification and learning
  • Shelter building
  • Forest games
  • Campfire cooking (Under Supervision.)