Hooke Court Adventure 2023

We had a wonderful residential visit to Hooke Court! Click on the links below to see what we got up to on each day. 

Day One Hooke Court 2023

We've had a great first day at Hooke Court. We began with getting settled in our rooms and then had great fun getting stuck into some team building games. We had a delicious dinner - everyone ate well. 

Hopefully you will be able to see some of our photos by clicking the link. However, the internet is not great here so please bear with us. 

Day 1

Day Two Hooke Court 2023

Our second day has been fantastic! The weather has been lovely and sunny and it hasn't been too cold. We started the day with a tasty breakfast, which set us up for a morning of marching and cooking. We baked savory bread and sweet bread and we have also made our own sausages, pottage and Roman sweets. We really enjoyed tasting our creations round the campfire. Then after some lunch, we learnt about how the Romans made their clothes with spinning and weaving. We also made jewellery and clay pots. We have been busy! After a very tasty dinner, we headed back out to create some beautiful mosaics. 

We are looking forward to another fun morning tomorrow!

Day 2

Day Three Hooke Court 2023


Day 3