Online Safety: Links for children


Whilst we are learning from home, it is important that we remember how to keep safe online. There are some websites and activities here to help you do that. Have a look at them to remember important information. 


Click the Band Runner picture to watch  films and play games to help you learn how to keep yourself safe online.











Sometimes things happen that can make us feel worried and anxious. This link has some advice here for you if you are feeling worried.  Remember that it is always important to share your worries with someone who can help you. This could be a friend but could also be an adult you trust - mum, dad, aunty, grandad or a teacher or adult at school. Click the picture below to find out more.




The BBC has a website called Own It which has lots of information about keeping safe online, managing a new situation, how to keep to a good routine and ways to behave well online. Click the picture for more information and there are some extra links below too!

5 ways to stick to a good bedtime routine 

Getting used to a new situation 

A guide to 'bossing best behaviour online'

Nikki Lilly's top tips for staying safe online