Football Champions

Portway V Anton - a match report

The game kicked off and Anton was on the attack but Monty made a save and threw it to Zack who dribbled it past players and to Callum who took a shot and scored 1-0. Following the kickoff, Cameron tackled and took the ball through to Zack who rushed it past three players and scored a second goal! 

The next kick was intercepted by Jack who played it through but, following a handball, Portway were given an indirect free kick - a third goal follows! An attempt at goal from Anton caused us some concern but their shot flew wide and our score was safe. Soon after, we scored a 4th goal and were back on the attack. Ollie connected with the ball and, sprinted down the field to make our score a celebratory 5-0. The second half started well and Portway were on the centre attack and after some skilful play, a goal kick and some great teamwork, our score is soon 11-0. After some great passing, excellent teamwork and communication, the final score was 15-0 and the Portway team could celebrate and relax! 

We are extremely proud of ALL of our footballers this season - our school has been excellently represented by several boys' teams and a girls' team too.  

Our footballers went on to win the town championship and the huge trophy is now proudly displayed in the Portway reception for everyone to admire!