Rugby Players

The Tag Rugby tournament 

On 26th April, Portway Junior School took part in a Tag Rugby tournament at Andover Rugby Club against other local schools. Once off the bus, we got on the pitch and started warming up. We had a Year 3 /4 team and a Year 5 /6 team. Each game lasted 8-10 minutes.

The year 3 and 4 team didn’t get off to a good start. It was 1-0  but then we scored a try and it was 1-1. It ended like that as the opposition were a very good team. They won the rest of their games and did really well scoring lots of tries. The 5 and 6s didn’t have as much luck as  they had a very strict referee. There were plenty of opportunities for us to show our team working skills though and we were proud of our performance. 

We had lots of fun playing and hope we can do another tournament soon! Thank you to Mrs Hall-Cooper for arranging the opportunity to play!